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When you think about why people move to Colorado, one of the top reasons is because of the healthy lifestyle we live here. We have sunshine, we have blue skies with little pollution, and we have open space. We have a top-rated healthcare system with UC Health. We have attracted many healthcare jobs and providers because of our economy. However, what is the condition of the healthcare industry in Colorado? Is the direction we are going in, the right direction? Here is how we compare to other states according to the National Healthcare Quality and Disparity Report* August 2018:

We look good, do we not? Nevertheless, will we stay on this path or will we invite the state to follow the path of California or Washington DC? One factor in this discussion is the makeup of the government. In Colorado, the Democrat party controls 2 of 3 branches of government, but 57% of our federal representatives are Republicans. In California, Democrats control all 3 branches, and only 26% of their federal representatives are Republicans; and in Washington DC, there are no Republican representatives at all in their government. Jared Polis and the Democrats believe in Universal Healthcare and look to the government for all the answers. They want to expand government's role in healthcare. You can see exactly how successful that is by looking at California where the Democrats control every public decision and are looking for more ways to control the lives of their citizens. Because of this, people are leaving the state in droves, looking for places like Colorado to live, but bringing their California values with them because they don't understand that it is the lack of freedom and the massive regulation and high tax rates that are crippling their state. They just leave because they cannot afford to live there. Free markets are the only way to reduce healthcare costs. The heavy hand of government has never been the answer, and you can see this plainly in the decline of the economy in California. When you force people into healthcare systems instead of providing them with the most amount of choices possible, there is no way to go but down. Look at college tuition. During the Obama years, the federal government supplanted the private sector in providing student loans. The cost of tuition has skyrocketed. Healthcare costs will continue to increase if we elect politicians who only look to government controls to force people to turn their healthcare choices over to the government. It is time to give control back to the individual citizen and protect our future from sliding off the cliff like the state of California. #DecideColorado when you vote this November. *https://nhqrnet.ahrq.gov/inhqrdr/National/benchmark/summary/All_Measures/All_Topics

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I have already gotten a taste of what doing business in Colorado will be like if Jared Polis and the Democrats are elected to run the state. In 2016, the voters of Colorado passed a law to accelerate minimum wage increases to nearly a dollar an hour, per year until 2020, until it reaches $12.00 per hour. In my small business, it means going to my customers every year for a 9-11% price increase to pay for it. We have lost some customers, as a result because some customers have to forgo my services and do the best they can in house. If Jared Polis (D) and his progressive friends take the lead, they will raise taxes, mandate employer benefits, ramp up environmental regulations and our economy will do what all economies do under those forces…IT WILL SLOW DOWN. California is a model for the PROGRESSIVE LEFT. What do we have to lose if we go the way of California? Forbes recently published a ranking of best states for business. https://www.forbes.com/best-states-for-business/list/#tab:overall. We did pretty well! We were #8. California was #31. Currently our regulatory environment ranks #1. California is #20. Economic climate in Colorado is #19 among the states. California is #47. I am good with Colorado as it is. We DO NOT want to become California. Walker Stapleton (R) understands that a strong climate for business is a strong climate for all of us as well as providing the ability for a great quality of life. -By Jack Meyer

Higer Taxes for Small Business

Jared Polis has a voting record that prefers higher taxes on small businesses, which we saw last Tuesday with the documentation of his unshakable hostility to tax reform, is also evident in his voting record against small business tax cuts and in favor of the estate tax, more aptly known as the death tax. Find research on that voting record below. Small business taxes and death taxes have several points of similarity, but the similarity that determines Polis' position on them is that they're both taxes. As such, Polis believes taxes should be as high as possible. On April 19, 2012, Polis Voted Against The Small Business Tax Deduction, Which Would Give Small Businesses A 20 Percent Tax Deduction. “Passage of the bill that would allow businesses with fewer than 500 employees a 20 percent deduction on their taxable income in 2012. A business would be eligible for the deduction if it had fewer than 500 full-time equivalent employees in calendar year 2010 or 2011. If the business was not in existence in those years, then the threshold would be applied in 2012. The bill would limit the deduction to 50 percent of certain W-2 wages paid by the business.” (H.R. 9, Roll Call Vote #177: Passed 235-173, 4/19/12, Polis Voted Nay; CQ Summary, Accessed 12/5/17).

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Sanctuary Cities will bring crime and will increase my taxes to fund illegal's blanket subsities

Sundar Pichai Citizen- Aurora, CO

Sanctuary Cities will bring crime and will increase my taxes to fund illegal's blanket subsities

Sundar Pichai Citizen- Aurora, CO

I joined this movement because I cant imagine our taxes rising with expanded government in Colorado.

Barb Dwyer Citizen-Littleton, CO

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